2018. 01. 20.

Doris with Giovanni.

2018. 01. 01.

Hu*Bielobog Dominica earned the title WCF Champion based on her exhibition results.

2017. 10. 09.

Hu*Bielobog Dominica earned Exc.1, CAC at the exhibition by Felis Hungarica klub (FIFE) in Gyõr.

2017. 09. 12.

The kittens of Gargy and Gio (litter G) were born. The mom and her beautiful kittens are okay, everyone is healthy.

2017. 09. 09.


2017. 07. 11.

Gargantua (Pippi) Felis Felicis has been leaped by Cooncreole Giovanni Gatto. Kittens are expected in mid September.

2017. 04. 24.

WCF International exhibition, Hu*Bielobog Experidance Exc1, CACJ, Judge's Prize and Best in Show Prize.

2017. 02. 11.

Bielobog Dominica earned Exc.1, CACJ, Nom Bis at the exhibition of Magyar Macskamània EgyesĂĽlet in kid class. (Judge: Grognet Jacques )

2017. 01. 28.

Bielobog Dominica earned Exc.1, CACJ, "Best is Show" at the exhibition of Panoráma Macska EgyesĂĽlet in junior class. (Judge: LàszlĂł Erika)

2016. 12. 10.
Bielobog Dominica earned Exc.1, Nom Bis at the Felis Hungarica (FIFE) in kid class. (Judge: Mrs Dorte Kaae)
2016. 11. 27.
Bielobog Dominica earned Exc.1, CACP, "Best of opposite" at the exhibition of Panoráma Macska Club in kid class.
2016. 07. 15.

New kittens were born!


2016. 05. 14.

2016. 04. 29.

Doris of Ratush became the WCF Champion.

2016. 04. 23.

Hu*Bielobog Centurio won the young castrated CACJE title on 23rd April, 2015, at the international cat exhibiton organized by the WCF, and also earned the Special Prize, nominated and Best of Show winner.

2016. 04. 10.

Hu*Bielobog Ballerine and Bahama Blue became one year old.

2016. 03. 12.

International Cat-show, Budapest, Hungary. Doris of Ratush exc.1, CAC, Nominiert

2016. 02. 06.

International Cat-show, Budapest, Hungary, Doris of Ratush exc.1, CAC.